May in Review: a look back at this month

So, what did I get up this month?

I listened to some vintage 1980s vinyl.


I went time traveling back to Hawaii in 2009, Japan in 1994, Vancouver in 2006, Barcelona in 2018 and Wales in 2019.


I reflected on how furlough has been such a positive experience for me and my family.

family watching movie on the laptop
Photo by Elly Fairytale on

I cut my own hair for the second time during lockdown.


I’ve almost finished reading The Mirror & The Light…I’m savouring every sentence and don’t want it to end. Less than 200 pages to go!


I looked back at the music of Duran Duran, Howard Jones and Depeche Mode.


And I did some art with the kids during home learning…


What did you get up to in May?

Comments are welcome!

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