BAME children need books that represent them

I want to let you know that we are a bi-racial family.

I am white. My wife is Asian-American.

Our children are bi-racial.

Representation of diversity in books is very important.

Our kids have a lot of books, but most of them only feature white people.

Here are some of their books that show people of colour, of different races, from different countries and cultures.


Izzy Gizmo is a black girl who likes inventing things, and Miles Morales (AKA Spiderman) is a bi-racial superhero.


Fishing with Pop is about a black grandfather and his grandson, while Mama Panya’s Pancakes is about a family in Kenya.


Cora cooks a traditional Filipino dish with her Asian-American family, and the Filipino Children’s Favorite Stories is self-explanatory.


Disney’s Moana is about a Polynesian girl, while The Last Kids On Earth features a racially diverse cast of characters.


Rainbow Bird is set in an unnamed South American country.


How Are You Feeling Today? features a surprisingly diverse cast of children. All books should be more like this.

I wish this list were longer, but these are pretty much all the diverse children’s books that we have in our house.

We need more.

Thankfully, there is a bookshop in London, called Round Table Books* that aims to “celebrate underrepresented children’s books, writers and illustrators.” Many of the books they stock feature BAME main characters.

*Unfortunately they are unable to process online orders at the moment due to the pandemic, but I will order books from them in the future.

Inclusive and diverse children’s books go a long way in the fight against racism.

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