What’s that lurking at the bottom of the garden?

Time to explore the mystery at the bottom of our garden.


Follow the path behind our children’s shed and you’ll find a spooky & mysterious place at the end of our garden.


And here it is…


…an old metal shed, and some kind of small, wooden shack next to it.


Wanna take a closer look?


Yes, the paint is peeling, the window is cracked. Attractive, isn’t it?


The inside is a bit like a time capsule, covered in dust and relics from the past.

We found these old tins, full of screws, nuts and bolts.

Above: Tom Long brand tobacco tin. Below: Meggezones sore throat medicine tin.

And this tea container made to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

The future of this old shed is bleak. We need to tear it down; it looks ugly and is falling apart. Time for a garden makeover…


I’ll keep you posted on our (slow) progress. We haven’t done anything yet…

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