Three New Children’s Books

Back when life was normal we used to take the kids to the public library often and come home with bags full of new books to read.

They would spend a long time carefully choosing which books to borrow and we’d spend the next few weeks reading them all.

But now the libraries are still closed.

So, as a special treat, and as a reward for working so hard on their home learning, I did that rare thing: I bought some new children’s books online.


Not from Amazon, I hasten to add; they don’t need my support. I ordered these books from Waterstones.


First up: the richly and beautifully illustrated I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast which explains the wonder and science of plants.

Next: the wonderful picture book Young, Gifted And Black which celebrates black heroes.


And finally, Night Shift by Debi Gliori, which is a children’s picture book about depression.


I’m looking forward to reading these with my children. I might even dip into these books by myself… mmmm, that new book smell…

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