Lockdown Life: catch-up #8

Where are we?

We’re about to start Week 12 of home learning and Week 10 of furlough.

And this is Lockdown Life: Catch-up #8.

The world is still in chaos, people are still being killed by the virus and I can’t see the return of normal life anytime soon.

The weather, though, has been AMAZING!


We splashed out on a bigger paddling pool to keep us entertained and cool this summer.


Bring it on. Our garden is ready for this.


Home learning has got harder. I don’t know if this is because I’m tired or the kids are tired or if its the heat or just because we’re nearing the end of term (only 3 more weeks to go…) or if I’m just losing enthusiasm for it.  Either way, I am still very grateful for the experience.

We celebrated Father’s Day at home (of course). I was gifted this delicious fruit cake. Yum!


I’ve been listening to Jessie Ware’s new album What’s Your Pleasure? and started reading Vango.

Oh and this week I made the most perfect Yorkshire Puddings in the whole world ever. Just sayin’.


In other news, I’ll be cutting the kids hair again this weekend, as well as my own. I’m getting good at this.


So, how’s your lockdown life going? Let me know in the comments below…

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