Traveling Back In Time: Australia 2001

As we can’t go anywhere at the moment I thought I’d go back in time and revisit travel experiences from my past.

Previously I’ve taken you back to Vancouver in 2006, Japan in 1994, Barcelona in 2018, Hawaii in 2009, Jerusalem in 1993 and Sapporo in 2000.

Today we’re going to Australia in 2001, when I was lucky enough to go there twice!

The first trip was with work that August when I escorted a group of students on a home stay program from Japan to Australia for two weeks.

We spent most of our time in Queensland, visiting Brisbane and the Gold Coast before a whirlwind tour of Sydney at the end.

I couldn’t quite believe my luck – there I was, getting paid to be in Australia!


My second trip was going back to Queensland for Christmas that same year, but this time it was a vacation with Australian and American friends that I worked with in Japan.

We hit the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Fraser Island. What a trip!


I’m determined to go back to Australia someday. What an amazing country.

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