July 2020: My Most Popular Posts!

So what were the most viewed posts on My Mashed Up Life during July?

Read on to find out!

In reverse order, my top five posts were:

5. It’s all fun and games…


This month I introduced my kids to classic games like Cluedo and The Game of Life, as well as a few modern ones such as Maki Staki.

4. This week I’m reading… Rob Delaney


You know this guy – the funny American in Catastrophe. This is his book.

3. Naked In Japan

three towels on brown wooden rack
Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels.com

Yes, this old chestnut. This really is the blog post that refuses to die – it crops up in these lists most months. I suspect lots of people get drawn to the word “naked”.

2. Janet Jackson albums ranked!


Like it says, this is a list of my favourite Janet Jackson albums.

1. Lockdown Life: Catch-up #9


This has already become my 2nd most popular post ever. It is basically me talking to myself about eating Cornish pasties during lockdown that I ordered via Twitter. The story also features comedy legend Dawn French.

Comments are welcome!

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