The Great Escape: a week in Wales

After all those months of furlough and lockdown and home learning and staying home to stay safe, we have finally gone away on vacation.


Fortunately we hadn’t planned to holiday abroad this year so all the travel chaos caused by covid19 hasn’t affected us.


We booked a cottage in Pembrokeshire and luckily Wales opened up again to tourists last month so our holiday could still go ahead.


It feels so amazing to be away from home, even just for a week.


And we don’t care that it has mostly been grey and rainy.


We feel lucky just to breathe in the sea air, play on the beach and to be somewhere else.


I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in our beach shelter reading a book, while the kids splash around in the sea. Life doesn’t get much better than this.


We’re making the most of this holiday before schools reopen and we go back to work in a couple of weeks… I’m not quite ready for the new normal just yet.

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