My Cultural Highlights

Wanna know more about the man behind My Mashed Up Life? Well here’s your chance!

Website: Pop Rescue – a witty blogger writes about albums they’ve picked up in charity shops and reviews them, usually decades after they were first released. I wish I had thought of this idea.

Movie: I am not one of those people that watches the same movie repeatedly, but I do revisit Rogue One pretty often. I just love how it perfectly segues into the original Star Wars. It is magnificent.

TV: I absolutely love Gogglebox. It’s a TV show about real people watching TV shows. Sounds daft, but it is a real snapshot of British people and their honest opinions. It is especially revealing about how people feel about Boris Johnson (hint: no-one respects him).

Food: Currently my favourite food is a perfect cornish pasty, as delivered by The Cornish Hamper Store.

Place: The Angel pub, in my hometown in Oxfordshire. My best mate and I used to hang out here back in the day. It has a roaring fire, windows with those swirly glass circles in them, and cosy window seats to settle down in for the afternoon. I rarely go there, though, since my best mate died thirteen years ago. But when I do go I feel like he is still there with me, and I can’t decide if that’s more comforting or more upsetting than not going there.

Book: The Catcher In The Rye by J D Salinger. I know lots of school kids are bored to death when they are forced to read this, but I did not read it for school. I read it for fun, and I love it. I have read it multiple times and I never fail to enjoy it. Holden Caulfield has what could be described as a tough time at school due to his anxiety and behavior problems. Today I work with classes full of Holden Caulfields, and this is not a coincidence.

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