Róisín Murphy albums ranked!

Róisín Murphy has released five solo albums so far. Here they are ranked from worst to greatest…

5. Take Her Up To Monto (2017)

I tried really hard to enjoy this album but it just didn’t click with me. The songs haven’t stuck in my head at all. Album highlight: Ten Miles High

4. Hairless Toys (2015)

This was the long awaited follow up to 2007’s Overpowered, which was released 8 years prior. While hairless toys is not as pop as its predecessor it is full of brilliant tunes and is a solid, cohesive piece of work. It just takes time to reveal its charms. Album highlight: Evil Eyes

3. Ruby Blue (2005)

This was Murphy’s first solo album after the demise of the much loved Moloko. Musically it is as experimental as anything Bjork has done, with elements of jazz, electronic music and avant-pop. Album highlight: Ramalama (Bang Bang)

2. Overpowered (2007

This was the first Róisín Murphy album I listened to and I loved everything about it. The whole thing is a perfect electro-pop gem. Album highlight: Let Me Know

1. Róisín Machine (2020)

Her most recent album is also her most striking. A perfect blend of dance, nu-disco and shimmering floor fillers that shows off Murphy’s talent at her creative peak. This is irresistible stuff. Album highlight: Narcissus

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