Traveling Back In Time: 90’s student life

Yes that was me, looking like I was about to jump out of a window. Don’t worry, I wasn’t trying to take my own life (falling into a bramble bush wouldn’t have been a very effective suicide attempt).

So what was I actually doing? I was trying to be a photographer.

You see, I went off to university in 1994 to do a degree in Media Art, which involved an awful of self-indulgent black and white self-portraits. I spent many hours in the dark room, foolishly messing about with chemicals and artistic intent.

I wasn’t terribly good at Media Art, as you can clearly see. It was a good opportunity, though, to be as creative as I wanted with my trusty camera.

Yes, that’s me, looking like a ghost stepping out of a door on a gravestone. It must be a metaphor for something

While it’s fun to look back at past journeys (metaphorical ones or otherwise) my student days are actually a time in my life that I am quite happy to never experience again. I didn’t like the student lifestyle at all and couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Jumping out of that window would still have been overly dramatic, though.

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