Weekly Highlights #8

This week, like most Americans, we had a quieter Thanksgiving than usual.

No, that is not a big turkey; it’s a small chicken. There were only four of us for Thanksgiving dinner after all, as opposed to the usual fifteen.

We had all the usual things; mashed potato, roast potatoes, green beans, carrots, brussel sprouts, roast parsnips and, of course, gravy. It was just on a smaller scale, that’s all. Hopefully next year we can go bigger than ever.

I continue to rock my Róisín Murphy t-shirt, in support of her brilliant album Róisín Machine.

One of the biggest changes that this pandemic has had on my life is my appearance. I’ve had facial hair ever since lockdown began, way back in March, and I’ve also been cutting my own hair since then. These are habits that I will keep, regardless of how 2021 turns out. Yes my hair is a bit crazy, but I love it.

My Mashed Up Life took a trip down memory lane to when I was a Media Art student in the mid-1990’s. I produced an awful of of embarrassingly bad black and white photography….

Oh, and this week I’ve been listening to the new Miley Cyrus album, Plastic Hearts. Give it a spin below!

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