Favourite Albums of 2020: Fun City

Here we are hurtling towards the end of the year at lightening speed, and what a great year for music 2020 has been!

Fun City by Bright Light Bright Light

released 18th September 2020

Written as a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community, Fun City proudly bounces along with collaborations from a host of LGBTQ+ singers and musicians including Caveboy, Andy Bell, Sam Sparro, Jake Shears and Brendan Maclean.

Bright Light Bright Light writes the kind of pop songs that I love; big electro-pop gems with mostly melancholic lyrics. He is almost the male version of Robyn.

Bright Light Bright Light releases his music independently, without the help or support from major labels. He already has an impressive discography, but Fun City maybe the best of his albums so far.

More of my favourite albums of 2020: What’s Your Pleasure?, Apolonio, Night in the Park, Kiss in the Dark, Chromatica, modern anxiety, Róisín Machine and Supervision.

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