Favourite Albums of 2020: Future Nostalgia

Here we are hurtling towards the end of the year at lightening speed, and what a great year for music 2020 has been.

Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa

released 27th March 2020

During a year in which we’ve all needed to escape from the realism of the world, Dua Lipa gave us Future Nostalgia, an album to whisk us away onto the dance floor, even if that dance floor also happens to be our kitchen.

The music itself is a chewy feast of 80s-influenced retro dance blended with disco and electo-pop; a perfect blend if ever there was one to distract ourselves from the anxieties of 2020.

Dua Lipa wasn’t the only one to release disco-escapist music this year; Jessie Ware, Róisín Murphy, Lady Gaga and Kylie also issued albums to save us from the depths of despair, but Future Nostalgia might just be the most immediate, hitting that instant gratification hot spot.

More of my favourite albums of 2020: What’s Your Pleasure?, Apolonio, Night in the Park, Kiss in the Dark, Chromatica, modern anxiety, Róisín Machine, Supervision and Fun City.

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