I’ve got a book problem: reader’s block

We all know about writer’s block, but what about reader’s block?

Normally I’m an avid reader, getting through a book a week.

But lately I start a book only to give up.

Take Creation Stories, for example, about the rise of Creation Records. I read the first couple of chapters but then…I didn’t feel the need to carry on.

Same goes for Life by Keith Richards. I really enjoyed the first few chapters, which vividly describe his early years in London. Then I discovered the whole thing was by a ghost writer, and I quickly lost interest.

Once Upon a River was better; I got half-way before getting distracted by other things, and as great as the story is, I just can’t bring myself to carry on with it.

So I’m taking a break from books for now.

Hopefully my inner bookworm will emerge again in the new year, or perhaps I’ll return to a few old favourites.

I gotta get out of this slump!

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