Christmas Book Haul: what did you get?

Well, Christmas is over and from today we enter into a stricter lockdown. We can’t have anyone visit our home or garden, and can only meet up outside with one other person at any given time.

We don’t know how long these restrictions will last, so for now we’re stuck at home and don’t know if we’ll all return to work and school on January 4th or not.

Thankfully, while my kids build their new Lego sets and play with their new drum kit, I have a pile of new books to read.

There’s a travel guide to the beaches of Wales which will come in handy if our planned holiday to Wales goes ahead this summer, a bestseller from Matt Haig, a graphic novel, an activity book and an almanac.

Quite an eclectic collection!

At least I have some new books to enjoy over the coming weeks, and for that I am very thankful.

What books did you get for Christmas?

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