Kitchen Soundtrack: Mariah remixes

Lately I’ve been enjoying Mariah’s 90’s remixes.

Let me start but saying that I have never been a Mariah Carey fan. The only album I ever had by her was Emotions which I received as Christmas gift, possibly by mistake in the year it was released, way back in 1991.

My wife, on the other hand, loves a hearty dollop of Mariah.

So in an attempt to dip into all things MC I’ve been listening to her club remixes from the 90s, which are all available to stream on Spotify.

I don’t like her more saccharine songs or syrupy ballads; I much prefer faster tracks with a beat, so her remixes pretty much hit the sweet spot.

I especially love the 90’s remixes by the likes of C & C Music Factory, Shep Pettibone and David Morrales.

Here’s my Mariah Carey remix playlist, which keeps me happy in the kitchen while I’m making dinner…give it a spin!

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