My Top Posts in January!

With so many blogs and posts and articles out there it is difficult to know what to read.

So to get you started, here were the five most popular posts on My Mashed Up Life in this first month of 2021!

Don’t forget to click the links to go to each post!

5 Climbing Mt. Fuji: my most memorable journeys #8 – a look back at a tortuous hiking experience in Japan

4 Who Am I And What As This Mashed Up Life? – a long overdue introduction to this blogger

3 Full Frontal: My Vasectomy Story – a beautiful and heartwarming personal reminiscence about getting ‘the snip’

2 2020: My Year in Books – a snapshot of all the books I read last year

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

1 Wishful Drinking in Dry January – I re-read Carrie Fisher’s hilarious memoir

Comments are welcome!

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