Mentally Escaping Lockdown: revisiting adventures from the past

We can’t go anywhere at the moment so I’ve been going back in time (not literally – although that would be quite the story…) to revisit travel experiences from my past.

I’ve headed back to Vancouver in 2006 when I took a last-chance gap year in my early thirties, after rejecting the notion of having a career. It was a turning point in my life that resulted in marriage and a move to America. So yeah, that was pretty lifechanging!

Vancouver 2006

I looked back on my trip to Japan in 1994 during my first gap year, as an adventurous nineteen year old.

Japan 1994
Australia 2001

Then I revisited my trip to Australia in 2001, spending Christmas on the beach with friends in Queensland. What I wouldn’t do to be back there right now.

Come with me back to Jerusalem in 1993, during the three months I spent as a volunteer on a kibbutz in Israel. I can remember the heat and the hustle and bustle of the old city as if it were yesterday.

Jerusalem 1993

More recently I spent a long weekend in Barcelona in 2018 with my wife, to enjoy the city’s breathtaking architecture.

Barcelona 2018

Then there was Paris in 1995 visiting a friend and hanging out in among the famous sights.

Paris 1995

Take a trip with me back to my honeymoon to experience the heat and humidity of Hawaii in 2009.

Hawaii 2009

Finally, let’s go to the northern Japanese city of Sapporo in 2000 when I spent a summer there learning Japanese.

Sapporo 2000

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have traveled to many places around the world, and looking back on these experiences helps to make lockdown just that little bit easier.

If you could revisit any travels from your past, where would you go?

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