Keith Richards’ Life and The Rolling Stones

A few months back I started to read Keith Richards’ autobiography, Life, but I got stuck in a reading rut and gave up.

Last night, though, I picked it up again and got back into the swing of it.

I’m only up to 1963 so there are many, many more chapters to go!

Currently I’m at the point when Mick and Keith were attending London gigs by the mighty Jimmy Reed, listening to him playing songs like this.

In July 1963 The Rolling Stones recorded their first ever British TV appearance, performing Come On, by Chuck Berry.

In his autobiography, Keith writes:

It was a very deliberately commercial pitch…I didn’t think it was the best thing we could have done, but I did know it was something that would make a mark.

What will happen next? Will the band disappear into obscurity, or will they hit the big time?

Will Mick and Keith stay friends for long? Will they ever have a hit single?

To be continued…

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