35 years of Control

Yes, it’s a whopping 35 years since Janet Jackson’s Control album was released.

It’s easy to forget just how big Control was; six of the album’s nine tracks were hit singles.

It even spawned a remix album, with the wonderfully imaginative title of Control: The Remixes.

I mean, it must have taken a genius to come up with that. Surely something like Janet’s Out of Control or even What Have You Remixed For Me Lately would have been better. But hey, it’s still a great collection of remixes despite the title.

Control is not my favourite Janet album, but it’s most definitely in the top three.

Here’s a brilliant fan-made celebratory video of the Control album.

There’s no denying that Control is a Jam and Lewis masterpiece; the perfect marriage between the Minneapolis sound and Janet’s voice, which firmly established her music career. It almost plays like a greatest hits album.

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