Celebrating the music of Bright Light Bright Light

Do you like synth-driven, thumping electro-pop tinged with heartbreak?

Do you like Robyn‘s Dancing On My Own?

Then chances are you’ll like the brilliant Bright Light Bright Light.

Never heard of him? Prepare to fall down a pop rabbit hole and explore his discography!

His debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, was released way back in 2012, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Tracks like Waiting For The Feeling and Feel It have a retro 90’s dance-pop vibe to them, which I love.

His second album, Life Is Easy, followed in 2014 and again I was instantly hooked by these slices of electro-pop perfection, tinged with heartache (of course).

Around this time I was lucky enough see him play a couple of live gigs (remember those?) in London. It felt great to be in a room full of fans, because not many people I know had heard of him.

Life Is Easy spawned a remix album, Life Is Hard, which is alright if you like that sort of thing, but it pales into comparison with his original albums.

A proper third LP, Choreography, appeared in a blast of retro 80s colours in 2016, and featured two songs with Elton John.

2020’s Fun City album proudly bounces along with collaborations from a host of LGBTQ+ singers and musicians including Caveboy, Andy Bell, Sam Sparro, Jake Shears and Brendan Maclean.

Bright Light Bright Light releases his music independently, without the help or support from major labels. He already has an impressive discography, but Fun City might be the best of his albums so far.

Check out my Bright Light Bright Light playlist…it will definitely brighten your day.

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