Album of the Week: What’s Your Pleasure?

If I had to pick just one favourite album from 2020 if would probably have to be Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure? (although Róisín Machine would be a close contender).

To showcase the album here are some of Jessie Ware’s best live promotional performances.

Above: Save A Kiss; below: Remember Where You Are

Above: Spotlight; below: a session featuring Spotlight, Ooh La La & Save A Kiss.

What’s Your Pleasure? received universal praise upon it’s release last year.

Clash Music said:

It is a beautiful, enigmatic, joyous, sultry, utterly fabulous and insanely-inventive album that delivers above and beyond its expectations, quite a feat for a record conceived by one of the best British artists around at the moment.

NME said:

An intoxicating cocktail of seductive beats, exhilarating choruses and sleek production, ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ is pure escapism. Moving away from the wistful melancholy that permeated her last record, here Jessie Ware takes to the dancefloor – and you’ll want to join her.

Listen to the album via Spotify below.

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