Album of the week: times by SG Lewis

Released 19th February 2021

The debut from dance-pop producer SG Lewis features collaborations with Nile Rodgers and Robyn, and is another lockdown album to convert your kitchen into a dancefloor.

Clash Music:

‘Times’ makes you feel like you have peaked your head trough a slew of ominously funky time loops, each stopping off at a different era of dance to let you bathe in the warm shower of nostalgia. A highlight of this time-hopping antics comes in the form of Impact featuring Robyn and Channel Tres, sounding so beautifully 1990s it might as well have a bucket hat on.

The Guardian:  

soaring, subtle disco for kitchen dancefloors


Overall, ‘times’ is an incredibly cohesive collection of slide-across-the-kitchen-floor dance-pop bangers that encourage you to hold on to the good times

Stream times below via Spotify

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