Weekly Highlights #15

It’s been a busy week around here on My Mashed Up Life.

Here are the highlights from the past week or so!

I’m enjoying re-reading Carrie Fisher’s Postcards from the Edge, indulging myself in her much-missed humour and clever wordplay.

My favourite quote must be this:

Instant gratification takes too long

If you don’t know, this novel is about a Hollywood actress who enters rehab for drug addiction. Yes, it sounds remarkably like Fisher’s real life, but this is a work of fiction rather than memoir, and it is hilarious.

This week I introduced my children to the greatest hits of INXS.

No, this was not a mistake! They had been stuck in a Deep Purple rut which was driving us mad, and thankfully INXS has widened their musical tastes. It’s a New Sensation indeed…

I’ve also been listening to the debut album from SG Lewis which was released this month.

Titled times it is the perfect kitchen disco – another slice of lockdown electro-pop. Best of all, it featutes both Nile Rodgers and the mighty Robyn.

Last weekend I stated to build a robot arm with my son.

Yes you read that correctly. A Robot. Arm.

This is the box.

And this is how far we’ve got so far. Watch this space…

Finally, I took a quick look back at the past thirty years of my life.

Why? Because sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves just how far we’ve come (in my case I went from the UK to Japan, Canada, America and back). It’s been quite the journey.

What have you been up to this week, then?

Comments are welcome!

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