Sounds of my childhood: The Land of Make Believe

I was born in 1974, so I was seven years old when Bucks Fizz won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with Making Your Mind Up.

It’s their follow-up singles that stick in my mind though, thanks to a 1985 Bucks Fizz compilation album my family had.

Oh yes, in the early eighties Bucks Fizz were a big part of the soundtrack to my childhood.

The Land of Make Believe, complete with it’s crazy video that looks like it was shot in a sports centre, was a massive number one hit in 1981.

When We Were Young is a long-lost eighties masterpiece! And check out those outfits…

Run For Your Life was another favourite and reminds me of playing with Lego on the living room floor.

If You Can’t Stand The Heat was another hit in 1982…

I suppose they were a sort of cut-price, British version of ABBA, but they never escaped from the stigma of being a band that was manufactured purely for the Eurovision Song Contest. Nevertheless, they were a staple in the soundtrack of my childhood.

For some strange reason I can still remember a dream I had way back then, that involved Bucks Fizz being in the TARDIS with Doctor Who, and you can’t get much more British-80’s-childhood than that!

Do you think the Daleks exterminated them?

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