A to Z Best 90s Albums: Achtung Baby

A is for Achtung Baby.

I must admit that I wasn’t a U2 fan when Achtung Baby was released in 1991.

What I did appreciate, though, was the Perfecto remix of Even Better Than The Real Thing, which was much more aligned to my musical tastes at that time.

It wasn’t until years later that I appreciated the album itself.

I would argue that this is U2’s finest moment.

The album is full of so much texture that it sounds chewy, with plenty of musical morsels to satisfy even the hungriest belly.

Achtung Baby saw U2 completely reinvent themselves, and the album plays like a Greatest Hits compilation.

Stream the deluxe version below.

33 thoughts on “A to Z Best 90s Albums: Achtung Baby

  1. I have to admit a deep personal dislike of Bono…and haven’t heard this for years. I will go put it on and see if it sounds better after some time has passed….more time than I care to think about!


  2. By the time this album came out, I honestly didn’t care if I never heard U2 again. 😦 I was an early fan, but I really haven’t liked much of anything they’ve done since “The Unforgettable Fire.” And that’s aside from Bono starting to believe his own hype. -(


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