A to Z Best 90s Albums: Blissed Out

B is for Blissed Out.

Alright, so yes, this is a remix album, but it has so many great tracks that I had to include it here.

Blissed Out is the sister album to Happiness, which was also released in 1990.

Mainly consisting of remixes from Happiness, Blissed Out also features a few new tracks: Paradise (My Darling, My Angel), It’s Alright Now, Acid Love and a remixed B-side Pablo.

The Beloved are one of my favourite bands. I’ve previously described their music as a perfect, uplifting blend of chill-out and acid house Ibiza-pop.

Has there ever been a more apt album title? This is some of the best early-90s blissed out house music and is entirely evocative of Ibiza sunsets and happy dancefloors.

Stream Blissed Out below:

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