A to Z Best 90s Albums: Kylie Minogue

K is for Kylie Minogue.

I must admit that I struggled a bit with remembering any album from the 90’s that started with the letter K, let alone an album that I actually liked.

And so here we have Kylie’s eponymous 1994 album, her first after leaving the clutches of PWL / Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

The biggest hit here, of course, is the magnificent Confide In Me, which still sounds amazing today.

I can’t say that I’m a Kylie fan, but I like this album.

Put Yourself In My Place was the other big hit, with the Barbarella-inspired video.

Here’s a TV ad from 1994 for the album.

The whole album is very smooth and clubby sounding; she was evidently aiming it at a cooler, more indie audience than her previous records.

On the extended re-release she even covered a Saint Etienne song, Nothing Can Stop Us, note-for-note.

Stream Kylie Minogue below.

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