Weekly Highlights #16

What have you been up this week, then?

Here in the UK we’re still under lockdown, although conditions will become slightly more relaxed from tomorrow.

I am very bored of being at home but can’t even be bothered to go to for a walk anymore. I can feel my sanity slowly slipping away.

To distract myself from all this, I’ve been joining in with the #AtoZBest90sAlbum challenge over on Twitter and have also been sharing my choices here, too.

So far I’ve gone from A to K…

Click the links for each album: Achtung Baby, Blissed Out, Conscience, Debut, Erotica, Foxbase Alpha, Garbage, Homogenic, I do not want what I haven’t got, janet., Kylie Minogue

In other news, I finished reading this, about a family of anti-fascists in Italy.

I thought it a strange book; it has no chapters, so the prose just seems to go on and on and you read as much as you want in each sitting.

It is a barely disguised fictionalised memoir, detailing Italian family life from the 1920s through to the 1950s.

Ginzburg herself said: “The places, people and events in this book are real. I haven’t invented a thing, and each time I found myself slipping into my long-held habits as a novelist and made something up, I was quickly compelled to destroy the invention.”

I didn’t really feel emotionally engaged with it until it neared the end, with stories from WWII and the fall of fascism and how the family was affected by those massive events.

Right. I am going to try to drag myself out of the house and go for a drive; my car hasn’t left the driveway for a very long time, and I am desperate for a change of scenery, even if I do just end up at B&Q to buy a guttering repair kit.

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