A to Z Best 90s Albums: Happiness

So this is meant to be a post for the letter R, but honestly, there’s isn’t a 90s album that I love for that letter, so here’s another *wildcard* choice: Happiness by The Beloved.

The Beloved’s 1990 album Happiness is one of my all-time favourites.

I pretty much bought this album based upon the Smash Hits review, and a vague awareness of the song Hello.

This album is divine, and way back when I was fifteen and sixteen, it sounded like something I wasn’t quite old enough to be listening to; I imagined twenty-somethings listening to this while they did grown up things, you know like doing drugs in Ibiza while watching the sunset.

In short, it felt like I had found this secret album that I strongly suspected none of my peers knew about.

The Beloved became much more well-known and more commercially successful with their follow up hit Sweet Harmony and album Conscience in 1993, but for me, this album will always be their best work.

I find comfort in it, probably something to do with Jon’s mellow voice, and the joyous, pure optimism of the songs. Equally good is their follow-up, Blissed Out, a companion remix album.

Stream Happiness below:

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