A to Z Best 90s Albums: For Pleasure

Here’s another *wildcard* choice: For Pleasure by Omar

Omar is probably the best musician that you have never heard of.

I have been an Omar fan for a long  time, ever since I heard his first album There’s Nothing Like This way back in 1991. I was 17.

I became a lifelong fan of Omar. Chart success has eluded him, but I have continued to buy every album he has ever released.

He’s been described as neo-soul or nu-soul, and Stevie Wonder once said “When I grow up I wanna be Omar”; what higher praise could there be?

I am forever thankful that my teenage-self took the chance on buying There’s Nothing Like This , because otherwise I would not have discovered his third album For Pleasure.

For Pleasure. Has there ever been a more apt album title? This album gives nothing but pleasure every time I play it; it is just one of those perfect things in life, everything about it holds together. If I had to describe it in one word it would be soothing.

Take this track, Outside.

Released in 1994, the whole album is like sitting on the porch in a gentle summer breeze, or with your bare feet resting on soft sand, or lounging around on a freshly laundered bed; bliss.

It sounds like a lazy, plush Sunday afternoon.

I love each of his albums for different reasons, but For Pleasure just might be my favourite.

Omar is the soundtrack of my life.

Do yourself a favour and stream the album this weekend. You can thank me later.

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