Róisin Murphy’s new album: Crooked Machine

Róisin Murphy dropped Crooked Machine this week, a remix companion LP to last year’s Róisin Machine.

Unlike most remix albums, all the tracks on Crooked Machine have been remixed by the same person: Crooked Man (real name: Richard Barratt), who is a frequent collaborator with Murphy.

The result of this collaboration is that the remix album is remarkably consistent, perhaps even more consistent than the source material Róisin Machine was.

The tracks have been reworked in such a way that it feels like a different album altogether. In many ways it is even more of a dance record now; you can almost feel the sweat dripping off the music, even if the dancefloor is still actually your kitchen rather than a real club.

Play it loud and get lost in the mix. We all need an escape from reality and this fits the bill perfectly.

Visit Pitchfork for an in-depth review

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