Back to Life (back to reality)

After five months of working from home, I finally returned to my workplace today!

I was starting to go a bit stir crazy working at home by myself for all this time, with only students at the other end of a Teams call to talk to.

Like other colleges across the UK, we are currently carrying out assessments which will act as mock exams to help the teachers assign grades.

I have been called in to help out. I happily donned a face mask and sat in classrooms all day to watch students do their assessments.

It was wonderful to see my colleagues in person after five months of working from home, and felt even better to be back in my usual work environment.

While I feel sorry for all the stressed students, I am thrilled to be back at work, away from the same four walls.

I really do feel like I’ve gone back to life, back to reality.

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