Flying away with The Goldfinch

After my last disappointing read, I’ve struck gold with The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

The Times described this as “a masterpiece” and, even though I’m only less than half-way through, it is hard to disagree with that sentiment.

I am thoroughly enjoying being whisked away first to New York and then sunny Las Vegas. Honestly, it is such a welcome distraction from this grey, cold and wet weather that we’re experiencing in the UK.

For those of you not yet familiar with the story, we follow thirteen year-old Theo after he is caught up in a terrorist attack in an art museum in New York. The explosion kills his mother, and in the immediate aftermath he takes from the art museum a small painting, The Goldfinch, which is later publicly declared by the museum to have been destroyed during the attack…

What will happen to Theo after his mother’s death? What will he do with the painting?

This book is fantastic; one those engaging stories that you want to devour quickly yet don’t want it to ever end.

Comments are welcome!

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