Vintage Cookbooks: Britain’s Favourite Recipes (1964)

Who doesn’t love a good cookbook?

These two gems were published by Birds Eye in 1964 and were written by Ambrose Heath.

Here’s a quote from the introduction from Book One:

Today frozen foods have taken their place in the ordinary, day-to-day menus of every family; it’s fresh foods all the time now and this is why we’ve produced a cook book which far from being all about frozen foods, simply includes them in exactly the same way as any other ingredients.

Ambrose Heath wrote more cookbooks than I ever thought possible: he authored more than seventy cookbooks from 1930 until his death in 1969.

I must admit, that a lot of the recipes in here look decidedly unappetising and have a whiff of Fanny Craddock about them. I mean, just look at how that chicken has been decorated… (below)

The books feature recipes such as chicken en cocotte bonne femme (no idea), Yorkshire bacon custard (what now?) and wine jelly (cheers!)

What shall we have tonight, then?

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