Me, My Dad And The End Of The Rainbow

Yes, I know I’m a fully-grown adult but I enjoy reading children’s books!

I even read children’s books that my own kids don’t read.

Like this one: Me, My Dad And The End Of The Rainbow by Benjamin Dean.

I picked it up from the library not really knowing what it was about. The cover caught my eye; I am drawn to children’s books that have diverse characters because my own kids are biracial.

Well, as it turns out, this is actually a perfect book to read during Pride Month, although I didn’t know that when I picked it up.

Archie, the biracial boy on the cover, is struggling because his parents have recently separated. He’s finding it hard to adjust to his dad not living at home anymore, and hates the tension on the occasions that his parents do have to spend time together (they have a blazing row during parents’ evening, for example, which mortifies Archie).

As the story develops Archie finally finds out why his parents have split up; his dad announces that he’s gay.

A rainbow covered leaflet falls out of his dad’s pocket, which Archie later reads. It’s an advert for London Pride. Archie and his two best friends decide to make the journey to London to see what this Pride event is all about, and to help them understand his dad better. The trouble is, they will have to make this journey in secret…

Written from Archie’s perspective, this is a funny, moving and highly enjoyable tale. Suggested for children aged 9+.

Here’s the author, Benjamin Dean, reading from the book:

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