Surfing The Gnarl Plus… by Rudy Rucker

Surfing The Gnarl Plus… by Rudy Rucker is unlike anything else I’ve ever read.

This is a collection comprising of a non-fiction essay sandwiched between two short stories and finished off with an interview with the author.

In essence it’s sort of like a sampler, offering the reader a taster of what this writer is capable of, in the hope that you will be inspired enough to track down more of his work.

Rucker is a self-styled cyberpunk writer who created a new form of American science-fiction. His stories blend quantum physics with the yearnings of youth, mixes-up traditional Americana with apocalyptic Biblical battles and throws in aliens and spaceships for good measure.

The Men in the Back Room at the Country Club, the first short story here, combines the giddy excitement of teenagers finishing high school with the Good Old Boys drinking whiskey at the Country Club, who are definitely not what they seem as events lead up to a Biblical battle.

While the other short story, Rapture in Space, tells the tale of a horny couple who decide to film themselves having sex in space.

This short collection is most definitely worthy of your time.

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