A Foreign Field by Ben Macintyre: is all fair in love and war?

This is a true story of love and betrayal during The Great War.

I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, including these:

A Foreign Field is perhaps even better than Ben Macintyre’s other book I recently read, Agent Zigzag, and at the time I considered that to have been one of the best non-fiction books I’d ever read!

I can’t tell you how great this story is. Macintyre has done a tremendous job researching what happened and retelling it like a thriller, with romance, war, social history and a mystery all thrown in for good measure. Wonderful stuff.

Here’s the blurb on the back:

In August 1914 four young British soldiers find themselves left behind enemy lines during the height of the fighting on the Western Front. Unable to get back to their units, they are sheltered in the tiny French village of Villeret by locals. The leader of the band of fugitives, Private Robert Digby, falls in love with the daughter of one of his protectors; the following year, with war raging just a few miles away, she gives birth to a baby girl. The child is just six months old when someone betrays the men to the Germans. They are captured, tried as spies, and shot by firing squad.

Ben Macintyre reconstructs one of the great untold true stories of the First World War and at last reveals the truth about who betrayed Robert Digby and his men.

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