My Favourite Music This Week: Josef Salvat

Josef Salvat has released a new song, I’m sorry, an electro-pop gem that deserves to get lodged in your brain.

He told

‘I’m Sorry’ was the first song I ever wrote with another writer/musician/composer,” he explains. “I wrote it with Justin Parker in 2013. Ever since then It has been patiently waiting for the right time to have its moment. Through a surprising gathering of threads, that moment is now. It was always a special song. It’s about owning your share of fuckery in a broken relationship. Sometimes we just don’t get things right, and sometimes, when there’s nothing left, or too much left, to say, all we can do is say ‘I’m sorry’ and let the rest go.

I’ve profiled Josef Salvat’s music before but in case you missed it, here’s a playlist below, featuring last year’s album modern anxiety and this year’s EP The Close / Le Reveil.

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