This week I’m reading: The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Yes, yes this is a children’s book and I am 47 years old but a good book is a good book, OK?

This is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick (Scholastic, 2007).

It’s a beautiful book with such a thrilling and engaging story that made me want to read it in just one sitting.

Stylistically, the book blends elements of graphic novels, movies, picture books and cinema into a brilliant reading experience, unlike anything else I’ve ever read (although the way the illustrations are blended into the story reminded slightly of Phoenix by S F Said).

It is 1931, and Hugo secretly lives inside the walls of a Paris train station, making sure all the clocks are wound up and set to the correct time. His father gives him a notebook with a mysterious drawing in it, which looks like a mechanical man. Hugo vows to uncover the mystery of the drawing, but his secret life is discovered and everything is put at risk…

It was made into a movie in 2011, although I’d not heard of it until now. Think I’ll stick with the book for time being, and can’t wait to read it again with my children.

Comments are welcome!

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