A Guide to the Memoirs of Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher wrote three memoirs: the first, Wishful Drinking, was mostly about her addictions and was based on the stage show she had toured with the same name; the second, Shockaholic, detailed her struggles with mental health; and her final one, The Princess Diarist, was all about the secret affair she had with Harrison Ford during the filming of the original Star Wars movie.

These are my comfort reads, when I get to indulge myself in the wit and wisdom of Carrie Fisher. There are sparkling sentences and shiny gems on every page that will make you miss her even more.

Shockaholic is actually just as much about her relationship with her father, Eddie Fisher, as it is about her. It’s so good that I’ve read it at least four times.

In it, she write about her experiences of ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) as well as in a funny, entertaining and loving way about her unique family, including her one-time-stepmother Elizabeth Taylor.

This is laugh out loud funny stuff.

Wishful Drinking is no less entertaining, which looks back on her famous parents’ marriage and very public break-up.

Carrie Fisher is – was – hilarious, and this memoir has enough jokes and laugh out loud moments to allow you to escape from our covid-stricken, Brexit-riddled world and actually enjoy yourself.

This book is based on a live show that she toured way back in 2008. Here she is talking about it.

And finally we have The Princess Diarist, which I think is probably the least entertaining of the three, mostly because it derives from the journal she kept in 1977 during the filming of Star Wars. Yes, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes details to please diehard Star Wars fans, but the love affair with Harrison Ford has a negative impact on Fisher, revealing all the insecurities she felt back then.

It was very brave of her to reveal such private memories and to actually publish parts of her journal; I know that I would absolutely hate to share with the world my teenage diaries, for instance, especially if it were about a secret romance.

Each of these books can stand alone, but when read together, this trio of memoirs acts as a fascinating, revealing and hilarious glimpse into the unusual life of Carrie Fisher. Highly recommended!

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