Favourite Albums of 2021: Crooked Machine by Róisín Murphy

It’s rare for remix albums to be this good, but Crooked Machine is the perfect companion piece to its parent album Róisín Machine, which was one of my favourite albums of 2020. Who knew we’d be treated to a gift as great as this in 2021?

Here’s what albumism had to say about Crooked Machine:

Far from a “remix album,” this is a reimagining and reworking of the “machine” in all of its unadulterated glory. Barratt has been given free rein to stay true to Murphy’s house and disco roots, whilst revisiting the early ‘90s with a dash of techno. It’s almost like being stuck in some incredibly colorful musical vortex with one foot firmly planted in classic house and the other in the future of dance music…Róisín’s “machine,” crooked or not, is a transformative voyage into what dance music should be: creative, collaborative, unaffected and all night long.

Listen here:

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