Favourite Albums of 2021: Pink Noise by Laura Mvula

While Laura Mvula’s Pink Noise may have an 80s plastic aesthetic, complete with retro beats, sparkling synths and drum machines, her voice sounds as magnificent and as organic as ever; a truly wondrous instrument that shines through the shoulder pads and lip gloss. You’ll even hear echoes of classic Jam and Lewis which is never a bad thing. This is truly a sonic treat for your ears that deserves your attention.

The Guardian says:

Mvula channels both Janet Jackson and Grace Jones with verve. “Give in to the feeling!” she sings on the title track…There’s a lot of letting go happening here. Suffering from anxiety, dropped by her record label in 2017 after two Mercury-nominated LPs, Mvula was overdue some fun. This album is it – in thrall to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the bass here is all spank, the keyboards all acrylic, with room for Mvula’s Jamaican heritage and chorister’s soprano. Got Me is audacious, not least because of its shameless recycling of Michael Jackson, but also because of its frank come-hithers. With all this shiny surface comes depth, too – the hard-won emotional content of these songs is all Mvula’s own.

Listen to the album here:

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