Favourite Albums of 2021: Magic Still Exists by Agnes

I think this has to be my favourite album of the year; it’s the one I’ve had on repeat the most and featured in more playlists than any of the other new music from 2021.

Not heard it yet? Think disco revival, a mixture of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia crossed with Róisín Murphy’s Róisín Machine with echoes of ABBA and Donna Summer and you’ll come close to what this record sounds like.

Here’s what The Guardian says about Magic Still Exists:

The Swedish pop star’s long-delayed fifth album embodies the platonic ideal of pop disco, steeped in Gaga (invigoratingly stern vocals about freeing one’s mind and body), Abba (piano stomps and trills), Donna Summer (the thumping 24 Hours) and Queen (melodramatic balladry). It transcends pastiche on the strength of her songwriting (you could swap almost anything here on to Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia) and the going-for-broke intensity of it all.

Listen here:

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