Favourite Albums of 2021: Future Past by Duran Duran

As the title suggests, FUTURE PAST is a sublime fusion of classic Duran Duran with modern flourishes. This is one of their best records.

For those of us who were around when Duran Duran first emerged in 1981, it is remarkable that forty years later they can still sound as fresh as they do here.

FUTURE PAST is one big funky, loud and fun party.

Spectrum Culture said this about the album:

If Future Past doesn’t go down as a Duran Duran classic, it will at least be remembered as a solid entry in the equally solid streak that gave us All You Need Is Now and Paper Gods. With large choruses, a high-polished sound, collaborations with younger musicians and enough confidence to fill an arena, what more could you want?

Listen here:

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