“Eat Up!” by Ruby Tandoh

That’s right, I’ve just finished tucking in and tickling my taste buds with Eat Up! by Ruby Tandoh. Is this book worth the indulgence of your time? Read on to find out…

This is a delicious feast of a book, packed full of literary nutrition blended with autobiographical morsels, favourite recipes and juicy descriptions of dishes that will make your mouth water.

Eat Up! is a glorious manifesto that has the simple aim of giving you permission to eat whatever you like, whenever you like, because food is meant to be enjoyed!

This book brings the fun back into food, whether you’re craving a favourite bar of chocolate, a simple bowl of homemade soup or the satisfying fizz of a can of soda.

Tandoh has serious points to make despite the surface frivolity of sharing her favourite foods.

She discusses topics such as eating to soothe mental health, the cruelty of the diet industry, the appropriation of foods from different cultures, the complexity of eating disorders as well as the importance of enjoying what you eat no matter what other people may think of you (yes, she’s talking about that Pot Noodle you secretly scoffed last Tuesday).

Warning: this book will make you hungry, and perhaps hanker after an ice-cold Coke from the fridge to go with your pile of waffles and bacon.

So, open up these pages and enjoy some comforting words about the enjoyment of food.

Here’s Ruby Tandoh talking about Eat Up!

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