Blame My Brain by Nicola Morgan

Subtitled The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed this book explains how the teenage brain is special. Morgan combines fictional scenarios, humour and scientific findings to explain why life can be so challenging for teenagers (and their parents).

Why did I read this book?

My own children are still at primary school, but I work with 16-19 year olds in my job at a college of further education. As I spend all my working hours in the company of awesome teenagers I thought I’d better get to know their brains better!

Lots of adults are intimidated by the idea of working with teenagers, let alone teaching them, but I really enjoy their company. They are at that exciting time when they are starting to take control of their lives and are on the cusp of reaching adulthood.

Being a teenager can be a terrible experience; awkward at best, fully depressing at worst. This book tells us why teenagers behave and think the way they do, and it’s all down to how their brain is changing and developing during puberty.

Although aimed at a teenage audience, every parent and teacher needs to read this book. We owe it to our teenagers to get a better understanding of what happens to their brains during this tricky stage of life, to enable us to have better relationships with them and to support them in more appropriate ways.

Morgan is an expert in teenage wellbeing, having written lots of books on the subject. Here she is talking about her work.

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