This week I’m listening to: Rochelle Jordan’s Play With The Changes

Although released in early-2021, it is only now that my ears have been paying attention to Play With The Changes by Rochelle Jordan.

So, what kind of music is on this album?

Play With The Changes is an enjoyable blend of UK garage, RnB, house, dance and pop. You might think that this combination doesn’t exactly sound like an original idea (and you’d be right), but the way Jordan carries it off makes it a success.

There’s a melancholic vibe that’s carried throughout the album, at every twist and turn of genre, that makes a satisfying whole. I’ve been playing this everyday on my way to and from work and I haven’t tired of it yet.

The whole album sounds ridiculously cool, as if just by listening to it the vibe will rub off on you, transforming you into the hippest person you know.

It sounds like music of the recent past yet modern at the same time; a soundtrack of memories to a fun night out that I’ve yet to have.

I confess that I had never heard of Rochelle Jordan until recently. Read an interview with her from last year in The Guardian.

Check out the Pitchfork review here and a review from Magnetic Magazine here.

Finally, listen to the album via Spotify below!

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