This week I’m reading: A Class Act by Rob Beckett

Rob Beckett is a British comedian from London. I’ve never actually seen any of his stand-up but he’s a regular guest on panel shows so I am familiar with his sense of humour.

Here’s a short clip showcasing his stand-up.

His humour is often based around the social and cultural differences and divides between the lower and upper classes. Beckett, from a working-class London family, contrasts his experience and with that of middle and upper-class people.

This book is an extension of the observations that he makes during his comedy routines.

Although an interesting snapshot of his life, with plenty of anecdotes and memoir-style stories and reflections about his upbringing and experiences, the book feels neither funny enough to make me laugh nor serious enough to spark deeper discussions about the unfairness of the class system.

If you’re a fan then I’m sure you’ll enjoying hearing more about his life and how he got started as a comedian, but as social commentary this falls a bit flat.

Comments are welcome!

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